Baruntse is the snow peak considered one of the most beautiful peaks in the Nepalese Himalaya height 7129 meters located between Lhotse and Makalu at the epicenter of three glacier valleys including Barun, Imja, and Hunku. Although its altitude is less than neighboring mountains, you will be in the very heart of the mighty Himalayan peaks – in front of you the famous Lhotse south face and not far away from the stunning Makalu west pillar. Baruntse is another attractive Mountain for climbing due to its location, classical symmetrical beauty and relatively accessible to climbers across the wide range of skills.

The mountain was first ascended by Colin Todd and Geoff Harrow in 1954 by the South-East Ridge. World famous summiteers Edmond Hillary and Jim McFarland were also the first summiteers of Mt. Baruntse. The steep sections of ice at 50 degrees and a prominent ice cliff at about 7,000 meters make the South-East Ridge of technically difficult and challenging. As South Ridge is more accessible and popular alternative route, this route also gives us the opportunity to acclimatize and climb the Mera Peak (6476m/21,246ft). We make two high camps above the Base Camp – Camp I just below East Col at an altitude of 5,700m and the Camp II on the South-East Ridge at a height of 6,420m. An ascent on Baruntse is an adventure for climbers wishing to meet a true Nepalese 7000 meter’s Peak.