Bungee jumping in Nepal is one of the hottest sports that is alluring the large numbers of adventure activists both from Nepal and the overall world. Jumping off down the hollow space from the very high place with only one end tied with an elastic cord to your body is a really very thrilling task to experience. The jumper will fly downwards and upwards with a pendulum dance position as per the snap made by the elastic cord. This sort of open thrilling jumping in the mountainous country, Nepal, will be the remarkable experience that you can list in the memoirs of your life.

For the thrilling jump, you will get to travel the Arniko Highway from Kathmandu to Lhasa to within 12km of the Tibet border and the famous Friendship Bridge. The gorge will be the ultimate bungee spot in Nepal that takes place on a 166m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhote Koshi river and the bridge is Swiss designed with the loading factor of 250kg per running meter.

And the thing to be noted is that the heart patient, pregnant women, alcohol or drugs addicts, a patient of epilepsy are highly restricted to perform this challenging jump. As well the person having orthopedic, psychological and neurological problems are also under the high risk for performing bungee jump. But, rest of the fit and healthy people with adventurous spirit, please don’t miss the chance of grabbing this thrilling experience in the beautiful Hilly-Himalayas of Nepal.