Nepal’s geographical biodiversity and its wildlife have made Chitwan Jungle Safari as one of the most popular adventure tours with the greenery and flat landscapes of Southern Nepal. For the conservation of wildlife and plants, Chitwan National Park was established in 1973, the national park of Chitwan covers an area of 932 square kilometers and is located at the subtropical inner lowlands of the Terai of south-central Nepal. Ranging in altitudes from 100 meters in the river valleys to 815 meters to the Churia Hills.

It has also been listed under UNESCO Natural World Heritage list. Being the habitat of many endangered species and adventure added by Jungle Safari, Chitwan National Park is one of the most famous National Park of Nepal. The Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour is a great way to observe and look at close sights of animals like one-horned rhinoceros, Bengal Tigers, Langur monkeys, wild boars, sloth bears, pythons, crocodiles and a vast variety of birds, all while riding the back of an elephant through the woods.

Along with the elephant ride through the forest, the Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour also includes many more adventurous activities like canoeing, exploring the ethnic Tharu villages and having a visit to the national park’s animal breeding centers. Look at sunset views from the bank of the Rapti River and get close to the Tharu people’s culture and their traditional practices and customs as you visit the villages and settlements. So, here you are gifted with the variety of memories & experiences that the cultural & natural faces of Chitwan never fade away from the album of your remembrance.