Mount Dhaulagiri is 7th tallest mountain peak of the world standing at the height of 8167 meters with most snow on all face making it white and shining mountain peak firstly summitted on 13 May 1960 by Swiss/Austrian/Nepalese Expedition group. The word Dhaulagiri firstly came from the Sanskrit language “Dhavala” meaning white while “Giri” means peak. This mountain is considered as the true jewels of the Himalayas. Dhaulagiri’s peak extends for thirty miles, giving structure to a generally tangled topography of winding edges, icy masses, and ice falls. Dhaulagiri, separated from Annapurna by Kali Gandaki gorge, the deepest gorge in the world, situated in the remote places of Nepal. The climb needs the high degree of physical fitness and best quality of physical equipment and the strong wind at high altitude can make climbing more difficult.

Dhaulagiri considered interesting peaks with six different routes having the enormous peak of shinning ices and snows which makes your trek more exciting and wonderful. The best time of year to go for the expedition is spring as well as autumn. Dhaulagiri is the only one highest mountain which is scaled from all directions. However, most of the climber use normal route also considered as the first route with base camp at the height of 4750m from sea level. Mt. Dhaulagiri region is rich in natural beauties, the forest is home to many rear wildlife and birds, rich in cultural diversity. During the expedition, you will explore the Thakali village, old monasteries, apple orchards, observing arresting backdrop of crest area Mustang, Dolpo range and diverse community of Magar, Thakali, Bramhin etc.