Experience the life’s most rewarding adventure at the pinnacle of the planet. Presenting you the world’s greatest physical and mental challenges with the feeling of pride, the Everest Expedition of 8848m. Mount Everest is called ‘Sagarmatha’ in Nepali. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary first summitted successfully the Mount Everest in 29th May 1953 via the South Col. Since then, Mt. Everest has been successfully guided and climbed many times encountering many seen and unseen obstacles including high altitude, harsh weather conditions, and even sheer exhaustion. We attempt hard to conduct the best expedition program putting high importance on the safety aspects of the climb.

The Everest has captivated the mountaineers all over the world since the European climbers discovered it. During his lecture tour to the U.S. in 1923, George Mallory gave the reason behind his interest in Everest Expeditions quipping, ‘Because it’s there’. Reinhold Messner and Peter Habelar were the first climbers to the summit without the aid of bottled oxygen and Messner went on to become the first to accomplish a solo climb. Appa Sherpa is the person with the greatest number of successful Everest Climb. Appa has climbed 21 times breaking his own record of 20 times before.

The most commonly used route up the mountain is the South-east ridge. March /April and October/ November is the best time for Mount Everest expedition. Peak IV, Third Pole, Qomolangma (Chinese Name), Sagarmatha (Nepali name) are the other name of the Mount Everest. Mount Everest expedition can be climbed from both southern side of Nepal and northern side of Tibet as well. Our planning, logistics, staffing and experience coupled with your interest, endurance, and determination would help you achieve your lifetime dream.