Kanchenjunga expedition is the next breath-taking adventure trip to Himalaya peak. As it is the world’s third highest peak of the world with the height of 8586 meters after Mount Everest and Mount K2 as well as Nepal’s second highest. The name “Kanchenjunga” is delivered from the Tibetan word ’Kanchen’ and ‘Dzonga’ translated means “The Five Treasures of the Great Snows”, represent the five repositories of God, which are gold, silver, gems, grain, and holy books with its five peaks.

Kanchenjunga is located on the border between Nepal and Sikkim and it is very remote attracting relatively few trekkers and therefore it retains much of its pristine beauty, mystery, and charm. As a respect to the beliefs of the Sikkimese, who hold the summit sacred, they stop a few feet short of the actual summit and this has developed to a tradition followed by successful summit parties since then. Kanchenjunga is called Sewalungma in the local Limbu language, translates as ‘Mountain that we offer Greetings to’. Kanchenjunga or Sewalungma is considered sacred in the Kirant religion.

In the Kanchenjunga Expedition, the North Face route is definitely the safest, although not the easiest. The climb of Kanchenjunga begins from a charming base camp in the meadows of Panorama at 5,180 m. Fixing the challenging lines up 900 m of intricately mixed climbing to the North Col and after you can begin the long process of establishing three camps up the long and complicated North ridge. Using Sherpa support and oxygen, you can move at a systematically slow velocity higher and higher up the mountain. This is a highly satisfying climb for the expert Climbers.