Lumbini, the birthplace of the Lord Gautam Buddha is one of the most important holy destination located in Rupandehi district, about 350 km south west of Kathmandu. It has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997 as per the cultural and historical importance. The Ashoka Pillar bears an inscription about the birth of the Buddha which was made by the Indian Emperor Ashoka in 250 B.C.

Maya Devi Temple is an important part of Lumbini which have the stone image of Maya Devi giving birth to Lord Buddha as she holds onto a branch. It is believed that Maya Devi gave a birth to the Lord Buddha while she was going to her parent’s home also Lord Buddha walked immediately after his birth then took seven steps under each of which a lotus flower bloomed. Inside the Maya Devi Temple is the exact birthplace of Lord is conserved in its original state. Besides that, we can find various types of Stupas was built by the different countries as well as the garden with unlike sculpture, pond etc. It is believed that before giving the birth Maya Devi had taken bath there.

Buddha was one of the significant human beings, as a man of noble character, penetrating vision, warm compassion and profound thought who always spread for the peace in the world. All his principles are the basic factor that guides the person to free from sorrow and engender the internal peace inside each living beings. Many devotees spend their life in this holy place for recalling the all the principles of The Lord Buddha, “Shanti Deep” never-ending flame that shows that symbolize the Peace.