Mount Biking in Nepal is one of the most adventurous tasks you can perform with full ecstasy. The adventure combined with the exploration of the natural beauty is the special part of it. That’s why it has been very popular for years and years. A large number of adventure activists use to visit Nepal for this breath-taking sport. While mount biking, you can explore the mountain villages, nomadic lands winding rivers, high passes, rugged and tough mountain terrain, rice fields, temples and monasteries and much more. The complete experience from beginning to the end takes your breath and remain in the album of your memories for the lifetime.

The majestic Himalayan peaks are incredibly amazing that if you are a photography lover, you can make the trip more interesting. Mountain biking offers the naturally sound way of discovering this magnificent country and its landscape and living heritage. There are virtually millions of tracks out there so some people have even started calling Nepal a “Mecca for Mountain Biking”. Upper Mustang Trail and Low Everest Biking Trail have been popular for mount biking including other many places of Kathmandu, Jomsom, Muktinath and Annapurna Circuit Trails. The adventurous souls may plan an extended trip on doing the entire length of Nepal across the plains.