Mt. Nuptse Expeditions, standing adjacent to the world’s highest mountain, is the highest among 7,000 meters peaks at 7,855 meters. The climb is regarded as one of the toughest technical mountains to climb to its summit top, however with time and endurance and willpower with much technical know-how this tour mountain can be summated. Nuptse in Sherpa and Tibetan word meaning “West” which looks like a pointed ridge line seen towards North in front of Mt. Everest. The mountain stands next Everest Base Camp towering high and it looks as Mt. Nuptse taller than Everest as seen from the base camp next notorious tumbling Khumbu Ice Falls.

The main summit Nuptse I (7861m) was first summited by a British expedition on the north-ridge in 1961. The Nuptse ridge goes west-northwest until its steep west-face drops down more than 2300m to the Khumbu-glacier. The south-face of Nuptse is 2500m high and 5 kilometers wide. The north side is above the Western-Cwm valley with the upper part of the Khumbu-glacier above its famous icefall. This excursion offers you with its charming appeal- from Tengboche, it looks like a huge wall protector to the Everest and stunning and jaw-dropping landscape of the mountains will hypnotize you. The best season to go for Nuptse Expedition is spring and autumn.